A Taste of Fate

by Aidy Award

A clever fox and a rogue spy have the fate of the universe in their hands. All they have to do is admit they're in love before time runs out.

Titian fell for his fated mate the day they met back as bright-eyed cadets at Star Command academy. She chose her career over him and now she's his commanding officer. She's also in a ship-load of trouble and he's been tasked with arresting her and bringing her to justice.

Passion had one shot to save the galaxy from the spectral soul-stealers and she blew it. Her own Star Rangers think she's betrayed them, including the one man she loved and lost. She has to convince him to let her escape, or... ask him for help. Worse case scenario? She has to confess she has always loved him.

A Taste of Fate is a fun, action-packed second chance sci-fi romance with shifters, Star Rangers, soul-stealers, and super-hot love set in the world of Magic, New Mexico. Get your taste today.

About the Author

Aidy Award is a curvy girl who kind of has a thing for stormtroopers. She's also the author of the popular Curvy Love series. She writes curvy girl erotic romance, about real love, and dirty fun, with happy ever afters because every woman deserves great sex and even better romance, no matter her size, shape, or what the scale says.

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