Flying Fawna

by Rose Smith

A werelion, a sexy female and a maniac. Add to that 206 humans running loose in Magic, New Mexico. They’re giving the residents some serious Excedrin headaches. Can Chaz save the innocents from doom without forever tainting the town?

Twenty seven year old Fawna Zanabio has just spent two years in hell. When her marriage implodes without any hint of warning she becomes embroiled in a poisonous high-profile divorce which shatters her soul and leaves her confidence lower than a snake’s belly.

She’s always known she is different from everyone else, her sense of empathy is sometimes overwhelming and every time she’s going through turmoil, like she is with her divorce, books appear out of thin air to give her clues about what to do next. Unbeknownst to her, she is a descendent of a powerful Empathy Empress from Magic, New Mexico.

Two years to the day she’s ready to release the acrimony, the book that appears is Alexandru’s Kiss by S.E. Smith, so she brazenly says yes when her exotic flight instructor asks her out. Her divorce has left her bruised and battered, but not blind. He has a nice butt. She knows she needs to move on and carve out a new life for herself. He has other plans.

Chaz Xanadu, of the Red Fire Pride, whose life is paralleling Fawna’s in The Enchanted Realm, is a werelion leader with no pack. Over two years ago, his foolishness cost him dear. As part of the Ancient Ripper Society, an order sworn to protect the Seven Realms, he hunts souless or weak beings who crave riches or power at someone’s expense.

Like the man he just sniffed walking passed him in The Charles de Gaulle Airport. A souless man with a deliciously sex female the beast inside Chaz hungers for. She has no idea she’s walking arm in arm with death.

The innocence in her heart swirling around her recent wounds makes her vulnerable. She also happens to be hot as all get out and he recognizes her as someone he’s encountered before. But where and when? With a split second to figure out how to save her from doom without revealing his secret shifter powers, both of their destinies depend on what he does next. Will he have time to save her and 206 innocent human souls without forever tainting Magic?


About the Author

Hi, I'm Rose Smith, author of Secrets of a Mistress--How to Have an Affair With Your Husband and several romance novels and novellas. I'm enjoying a salacious, romantic and fun-as-all-get-out affair with my husband of over 30 years. But don't tell's our secret.

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