Magical Enchantment

by Evelyn Lederman

Book Cover: Magical Enchantment

Hana, the last of the enchanted sisters, has remained in her human form which means she’s met her soul mate. But the only man she has touched was a Brethren member who has stalked her the past eighteen months. She’d kill him, but some force keeps stopping her.

Zach More renounced the Brethren’s teachings as a teenager and now fights to free his sister-cousins. After a chance meeting with Hana, he realizes the bond that exists between the two of them. The problem is that his soul mate would prefer to kill him than talk to him.

As the final battle with the Brethren approaches, Hana must evolve into her mated powers or the sisters will not stand a chance of survival. Even with her new abilities, their odds are slim. It will take nothing short of a miracle for all the daughters of Eden’s Dragon to fulfill the prophecy their mother foresaw.

About the Author

Evelyn writes paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction adult-geared romance and Young Adult scifi. She loves world building and creating stories that provide a happily ever after for her beloved characters.

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