Sweet Delights

by Trinity Blacio

Lanny believed that magic was different from each individual. But when she met Alastair and Landon it blew her away, melted her heart. Would Alastair and Landon be able to handle her magic, her families, or would they shy away from it?

Her life was always on the run, hiding. Human in appearance, Lanny Colors stayed in the background, watching and searching for her sweet delight. But she sure wasn’t expecting two men. Not just men, two of the most powerful dark souls she had run across in her life. Would her light, her magic, keep them safe? Could they accept the danger that would come with joining with her, loving her, and accepting her secret?

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About the Author

Trinity Blacio has been writing now professionally for over eleven years and is part of RWA, a Pan member. Currently she has available titles from Riverdale Avenue Books and Decadent Publishing with more to come. She also has many self published books too.

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